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CBI - innovation through experience

CBI – Innovation through Experience

The CBI Brand is a Market leader in design and manufacture of electrical protection.

The CBI range includes circuit breakers for equipment, miniature circuit breakers, moulded case circuit breakers and auxiliary products for the protection of installations and equipment against overload and short circuit.

These circuit breakers are suitable for use in residential, industrial, communications, and power distribution applications.


Heinelec - Innovation by Design

Heinelec - Innovation by Design

The Heinelec brand is a leading name in design and manufacture of technically advanced products for electrical protection. Supplying to the residential, industrial, commercial, mining and utility sectors

Distribution Boards:

The Heinelec Range of Distribution Boards are designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards for optimum field versatility, for even the most demanding of applications.

The Heinelec range of distribution boards covers a wide range of applications, from Light & Heavy Commercial and Industrial, through to the Mining Duty Distribution Boards that have produced outstanding results in performing consistently in the toughest of environments over and over again.

Low Voltage Protection Equipment:

CBI-electric: Australia has been producing quality and robust switchgear under the Heinelec banner to the Electrical Industry for over 50 years. The Heinelec Range consists of MCBs, RCBOs, Switch Disconnectors, MCCBs, as well as some additional lines such as, Earth Leakage Relays, and our trusted range of Emergency Lighting Test and Control Units.

Slegers - the best choice for any application

Slegers – The best choice for any application

A strategic brand within the CBI-electric: Australia product family, Slegers offers a solution into the hands of the electrical Professional for most electrical installation tasks.

The Slegers range of installation & Cable Laying products includes:

  • quality plastic cable clips
  • spring clip saddles
  • bending springs
  • a large range of fasteners
  • installation & testing tools
  • chemicals
  • Temporary Site Power Switchboards and equipment.
  • conduit pull through methods including
    • Fibreglass Duct Rods
    • the unique “Jet line” system